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Somos Dance Studio provides a detailed curriculum for individuals that would like to learn to dance in a structured way. This description details how our system works to ensure that each student gets the most out of their dance education here at Somos Dance Studio. Here is how it all works.


We offer month-long courses in each genre - Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, and Rueda. 

  • Each course comprises sequential classes that are held on a specific day and time each week for the duration of the month. This usually means that each course will consist of 4 classes (corresponding to the 4 weeks of the month), however, a month with 5 weeks would result in 5 classes that month. 

  • Each class is 50 minutes long and the classes within each course are progressive, which means each class builds on information from the previous class to create cumulative learning. 

  • To provide options for our students, some of our courses have different days that they are offered. For example, Salsa level 1 is offered on Mondays at 7p, Thursdays at 8p, and Saturdays at 12p. The exact same material is covered in these courses. However, students are only allowed to sign up for one of these at a time. If a student needs to make up for a missed class, they can join one of the other classes, but they would need to first contact and get consent from a senior instructor. 



A level refers to the degree of dance expertise/knowledge that a student possesses in that specific genre. 

  • At Somos we currently have 4 levels

    • Absolute Beginner (Level 0)

    • Basic Beginner (Level 1)

    • Basic Intermediate (Level 2)

    • Basic Advanced (Level 3)

  •  At each level, there are 6 sequential monthly courses held over the 6-month period (a “cycle”). 

  • Level 0 and Level 1 courses are open to all students and do not require any evaluation for registration.  

  • Level 2 and Level 3 courses require an evaluation for placement into those courses. It is required that students go through 2 cycles (12 months) of each level before testing for the next level. 



The evaluation is an assessment performed by the students that would like to demonstrate proficiency and eligibility to be in a given level. 

  • The free evaluation is usually conducted at the end of a cycle when students are intending to move to the next level. 

  • The evaluation can also be conducted at any time during the cycle as a mid-cycle evaluation.The mid-cycle evaluation has to be purchased to be administered.

  • Entry into subsequent levels is not guaranteed and is based on demonstrated proficiency in predetermined rubrics that would be scored during the evaluation. Rubrics can be found at



Mid-Cycle Entry refers to a situation where a student joins the academy sometime after the cycle has already begun. 

  • Mid-cycle entry is acceptable for students into any of the level 0 and level 1 courses, as long as the student understands they will be walking into a class where some material has already been covered and they would have to catch up. 

  • Mid-cycle entry can also be permitted for level 2 and level 3 courses only by obtaining and demonstrating proficiency in a mid-cycle evaluation and/or approval by a senior instructor.



The course number is a three number designation for each course in a given cycle. 

  • The progressive courses are numbered sequentially to identify the course position within the series (cycle). The first number represents the level and the last number represents the course position in the series. For example, the course number for the Basic Intermediate Salsa (Level 2) course held in March (month number 3) would be Salsa 203. 



The following timeline details the standard timeline for a fictional individual - Susan - that decided to start taking classes in December 2023 and follows her through her progress. This is just a standard timeline. It may take longer for some and maybe shorter for others. Please recall that admission to subsequent levels is based solely on display of proficiency and not on duration of membership at the studio nor number of times a given level has been repeated.  


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15TH, 2023: 1st Absolute Beginner Class 

After the first absolute beginner class, Susan feels comfortable to start at level 1. Chooses to wait to start with the new cycle in January 2024.

MONDAY, JANUARY 1ST, 2024: Salsa 101a - Mondays

Susan purchases “Salsa 101a - Mondays” course for $80. This course comprises classes that meet on Mondays at 7pm. Usually there would be 4 classes (4 weeks in the month), however in this month, there are 5 Mondays, so student gets 5 classes in the month (at no extra charge). 


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2024: Salsa 102a - Mondays

Susan purchases the “Salsa 102a - Mondays” course for $80. Notice that this is now 1-0-2

Meaning that it is a basic beginner (Level Number 1) and it is the February course (Month number 2). 


THURSDAY, MARCH 7TH, 2024: Salsa 103a - Thursdays

If for some reason the student can no longer attend the classes on a given day, they can opt to do the same course on a different day. As shown here, Susan purchases “Salsa 103a - Thursdays” course for $80 and is able to continue in the curriculum but just on a different day. The exact same material is covered. 

THURSDAY, APRIL 4TH, 2024: Salsa 104a - Thursdays

THURSDAY, MAY 2ND, 2024: Salsa 105a - Thursdays

THURSDAY, JUNE 6TH, 2024: Salsa 106a - Thursdays

Susan purchases “Salsa 106a - Thursdays” course for $80. This is the last course in this cycle for this level. However, this is the first time Susan is going through this level so she has to repeat the cycle to reinforce information learned before testing and moving on to the next level.

THURSDAY, JULY 4TH, 2024: Salsa 101b - Thursdays

Susan purchases “Salsa 101b - Thursdays” course for $80. Susan is restarting the cycle for level 1. This is labeled 101- b to indicate that it is in the second cycle of the year. Also, since this day falls on a holiday when the studio will be closed, Susan can opt to take Salsa 101b class on Saturday July 6th, 2024 to make up for this loss of class. 

THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST, 2024: Salsa 102b - Thursdays

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2024: Salsa 103b - Thursdays

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3RD, 2024: Salsa 104b - Thursdays

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH, 2024: Salsa 105b - Thursdays

As the year winds down. Susan starts to prepare for her evaluation by practicing with her fellow classmates. Susan also chooses to purchase a few private lessons with one of the instructors to make sure she is ready for the evaluation. 

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH, 2024: Salsa 106b - Thursdays

Susan purchases “Salsa 106b - Thursdays” course for $80. This is the last course in this cycle for this level. Since this is the second time Susan is going through this level, she can choose to take the evaluation test or continue sharpening her skills in level 1.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH, 2024: Evaluation Day

Since this evaluation is happening on the regularly scheduled time (End of Cycle), Susan does not have to purchase a Mid-cycle Evaluation. At no extra charge, Susan is able to schedule her evaluation on any day as listed/provided by the testing instructors. If she can display proficiency in the level concepts as listed in the rubrics (, Susan will be granted access to level 2. If not, she would need to retake level 1. 

TUESDAY, JANUARY 7TH, 2025: Salsa 201a - Tuesdays

Susan purchases “Unlimited Class Pass” for $300. This package grants Susan access to all level 1 and level 2 classes, including “Salsa 201a - Tuesdays.” However, although Susan has the unlimited class pass, she still cannot register for the level 3 course because she has not tested into this level. 

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH, 2025: Salsa 202a - Tuesdays

TUESDAY, MARCH 4TH, 2025: Salsa 203a - Tuesdays

Susan signs up for “Salsa 203a - Tuesdays” course with her unlimited class pass. Notice that this is now 2-0-3 meaning that it is a Basic Intermediate (Level Number 2) and it is the March course (Month number 3). 

TUESDAY, APRIL 1ST, 2025: Salsa 204a - Tuesdays

TUESDAY, MAY 6TH, 2025: Salsa 205a - Tuesdays

TUESDAY, JUNE 3RD, 2025: Salsa 206a - Tuesdays

Susan purchases the “Salsa 206a - Thursdays” course with her unlimited class pass. This is the last course in this cycle for this level. However, this is the first time Susan is going through this level so she has to repeat the cycle to reinforce information learned before testing and moving on to the next level.

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