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Mambo Level 1 : Mondays 8p
Mambo Shines :
 Thursdays 6p
Mambo Level 1 : 
Thursdays 7p
Mambo Level 2 : Sundays 3p

Mambo in the context of our curriculum refers to Salsa dancing On2. It should be noted that although there are some significant differences that can be discussed further later, for our purposes, the Mambo courses refer to Salsa, just danced in a slightly different - contratiempo - style. 


Mambo has a very long and interesting relationship to Salsa, both as a parent/predecessor and close cousin. As the Cuban Son migrated to the United States in the early 1900s, the influence of Jazz and the big band era along with other artistic forces led to a powerful sound that combined the roaring sounds of the horns with the bubbling rhythms of the Afro-Cuban percussion section. This Mambo sound of the 40s and 50s later evolved into what we know today as salsa. But the Mambo lives on!

Interested in learning more? Get in contact with a member of our team, we’re happy to answer any questions.


Urban Survival Fitness
4025 Steele St. Denver, CO 80216



$25/Class (Drop-In Rate)

$80/Course (4 classes each month)

$300/month (Access to over 60 classes per month)

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