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*Scheduled on an individual basis*

A one-on-one session led by Mr. RastaSalsa, himself, a private lesson will have you on your feet in no time. Many of our students love taking the opportunity for extra-personalized attention, as it gives them the opportunity to focus on specific techniques and improve their overall movement. Reach out today to book a session or get more information!

General Pricing:

$100/hour (per person) 

10 Hour Package: $900 (Save $100)
20 Hour Package: $1500 (Save $500)

Group Pricing:

Small Group (Less than 10 people) : $250/hour
Large Group (10 or more people): $500/hour

Add-On Pricing:

Partner Provision: $25/session
House Calls: $50/visit

Specialty Services:
Wedding Choreography (Choreography + 10hr Lessons): $3,000

Solo, Couple, or Team Choreography

Corporate Team Development

Dance-Themed Parties & Events

(Rates available upon request)

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