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So, you have decided that you want to give this dance thing a try. You signed up for a class and you are excited to get started. But you don't know what kind of outfit to wear, or what shoes to use, or which songs to start listening to. Well, we've got your back! Here are some of our suggestions to get you started on your Salsa/Bachata dance journey.



You do not need to deck it out to the top fashion for your dance classes (it actually ends up being a bit of a workout too) . So it is most recommended that you wear something casual and comfortable.

Recommendation for Women

Bottoms: Yoga pants, leggings or shorts 
Tops: Tank Tops or T-shirts

Recommendation for Men

Bottoms: Running pants or other comfortable fit pants
Top: T-shirt or other comfortable athletic top



Any shoes without a sticky sole should do. Gym shoes usually can work for the first couple of classes after which you might want to consider getting into some actual dance shoes.  Here are some links to some dance shoes I like and recommend. 

Guys Shoes

Ladies Shoes



One of the most important things you can do to really jump start your dancing is to listen to as much of the music as you can. There are different types of Salsa and Bachata Music and the more you listen the more you start to figure out which style you are most drawn to. One way to start is just type "Salsa" or "Bachata" into Pandora and let the program pick songs for you. If you want to start with an artist, a good starting point for salsa would be "El Gran Combo" and for Bachata would be "Aventura".

I have also listed a few links to my Spotify playlists below. 

Salsa Playlist

Bachata Playlist

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