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Denver's Favorite Latin Dance Instructor

Come and learn salsa and bachata with one of the best at Rasta Salsa Dance.  Whether your focus is meeting people, finding an energetic way to move, or just to have fun, you can find it here!


Tom “El RastaSalsa” is a positively energetic Salsa and Bachata Instructor based in Denver, CO. As a musician with origins from Nigeria, West Africa, Tom has been deeply immersed in music and dance for over 20 years. He started learning Afro-Latin dance in 2009 and started teaching Salsa and Bachata in Denver in 2016.He uses his in-depth knowledge of music to facilitate the connection of dance to the music. Tom also has a technical background having worked as an engineer for the heavy equipment company, Caterpillar, for three years and tutored college students professionally for over 10 years. He uses the analytical skills from his technical background to break down concepts and then uses the empathetic skills from his tutoring background to explain the broken-down concepts in creatively different ways to connect with the various learning styles of the individual students. 


Just like poetry in motion, Tom uses these four skills - his musical knowledge, technical background, empathetic approach to teaching, and his abundance of positive energy - to provide each student with a unique learning experience in any of his physical and virtual classes. 


No matter who you are, Tom “El RastaSalsa” has what it takes to get you groovin’ to the Latin vibes; from the most analytical engineer to the most freebird coachella enthusiast - Tom’s got your back!



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Mondays: 7:15p (Level 1)

Mondays: 8:30p (Level 2)

Saturdays: 12:15p (Level 1)

Saturdays: 1:15p (Salsa on2: Open Level)


Wednesdays: 7:15p (Level 1)

Wednesdays: 8:30p (Level 2)

Saturdays: 10:15a (Level 2)

Saturdays: 11:15a (Level 1)


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