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Dance Tips

As you probably know by now, the Latin styles of dance are primarily social dances. Along with the technique learned about how to dance, there are also some unspoken rules about the social aspect of the dance. In this section, we'll speak about these rules and some tips as you go into the social aspect of these beautiful Latin dances. 



Dancing is a very fun but also physical activity. And some nights you could be out dancing for several hours. Practice safe smells and your dance partners would be wow'ed by your moves and not turned off by your body odor. 

Copy of Virtual Latin Dance for Kidz.png


When dancing with a partner, we get pretty close and in general, they can smell your breath. So it is important to have breath mints, gum, mouthwash, e.t.c. And if you burp, even it isn't loud, trust me, they can still smell it... And since you are so close, they know it came from you. To avoid burping on the dance floor, try to avoid eating anything at least 1 hr before you go out dancing. 



Never get tired of the basics. The basics are the foundations upon which the dance is built. While you are still learning and building your repertoire of moves, also learn to just hang out in your basics and basic moves and really enjoy the moment and take the opportunity to really feel the music. 

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