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Every Last Sunday of the Month


Every Last Sunday of the Month


The Groovin' Foot Workshop is a Fun, High-Energy Salsa Footwork Workshop. Although footwork is usually done individually, it is a very important piece to strengthen a dancer's timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination - all of which are important skills to have when dancing partnerwork. 


In this workshop, I spend time introducing the individual moves along with their names and breaking them down. And then we modify and combine the moves in creative ways to create a short pattern that is practiced in the workshop. And then finally and most importantly, I give tips on how to be able to create your own footwork sequence, with your own flavor, and your own style!!!


Early arrival is strongly suggested because the workshop starts right on time.

At 1:30PM, we will start sign-in and door registration and there will be a stretch session led by Nubia Martinez-Caro.



FOR THE PARENTS: Child Care is available upon request. 



Event: The Groovin Foot Workshop


Date: Sunday , January 27th, 2019


Location: 2700 Arapahoe St. Denver, CO


Regular Price: $30

Early Bird Price (only for the first 20 folks): $20 ($10 Discount)



/Door Registration and Stretch Session: 1:30p - 2p

Workshop: 2p-4p


Early registration is highly recommended.

Cash and Credit Card Accepted.


For registration information email:

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